Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (BABS) degree is strategically designed to build upon a Biblical foundation for those currently in the marketplace, and/or who are involved in lay ministry, or who are preparing for church or parachurch ministry. The BABS degree (122 credit hours) offers students several options to choose from.

Each degree option includes 42 credit hours in Bible/Theology, 47 credit hours in General Studies (Science, Math, Communication, Psychology, History, Language, Social Sciences, etc.), 12 (twelve) credit hours in Ministry Development as well as 21 hours which can be used for electives or can be focused on a specific Minor such as Christian Counseling, Christian History or Pastoral Ministries.

Successful completion of the BABS degree program will equip the graduate to:

Model Christ by demonstrating:
  • Growth in discipleship
  • Godly ethical behavior
  • Pursuit of academic excellence
  • Compassion in community
Teach Faithfully and able to:
  • Proclaim the Gospel fruitfully
  • Affirm the truth of Scripture
  • Interpret and exegete God’s Word accurately
  • Articulate and explain Biblical principles clearly
Minister Effectively and able to:
  • Comfort and encourage
  • Clarify and counsel
  • Mediate and resolve
  • Nurture and restore
Lead Lovingly and able to:
  • Mentor and guide in discipleship
  • Correct and admonish in discipline
  • Protect and defend in doctrine
  • Analyze critically and resolve creatively in difficulty

Pastoral Ministries Minor

  1. Explore and acquire an overview of Christian theology emphasizing methodologies and orthodoxy.
  2. Understand qualities and dynamics of effective small group ministry and leadership practices.
  3. Utilize effective hermeneutic to communicate relevant Biblical principles and their application.
  4. Exposit Scriptural principles for dealing with and recovering from grief, loss, trauma, and death.

Counseling Minor

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of Christian and secular counseling principles, theories, and skills.
  2. Apply practical Biblical and psychological strategies in real–life counseling situations.
  3. Prepare to partner with local churches and ministries to provide effective counsel to the Body.
  4. Articulate a Christian view of the human person and the role of the Holy Spirit in counseling.

Christian History Minor

  1. Identify and articulate the major figures, events and movements shaping the history of the Church.
  2. Understand the various communities and traditions that comprise the global Church through time.
  3. Analyze the most effective and ineffective methods of presenting the Gospel through history.
  4. Explore the most fruitful and relevant methodologies of bringing the Gospel to modern cultures.

Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies Course Requirements

Suggested Course Sequence — Four Year Plan

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