Associate of Applied Science in Christian Counseling


The Associate of Applied Science in Christian Counseling (AASCC) is a terminal/transitional program designed to prepare counselors who provide counseling to individuals, couples, and families under the organizational supervision of local churches and other agencies.

This program also provides excellent application-based preparation for a baccalaureate program in Psychology, Social Work, Missions, Ministry as well as other caregiving-related areas.

Successful completion of the AASCC degree program will equip the graduate to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of Christian and secular counseling principles, theories, and methodologies.
  2. Apply practical strategies in real-life counseling settings based on both Biblical and psychological foundations.
  3. Demonstrate preparedness to partner with local churches and parachurch organizations to provide effective counseling assistance within the local community.
  4. Articulate from a Christian worldview those Biblical principles that govern a believer's understanding of the human person and the role of the Holy Spirit in the counseling process.

Associate of Applied Science in Christian Counseling Course Requirements

Suggested Course Sequence — Two Year Plan

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